Premium Astrographs

Looking for an outstanding performance?

DVO offers four premium astronomical imaging systems, full set up and ready to use ranging from wide field to high resolution.

Each of these systems consists of a high end imaging telescope, an Astro-Physics mount, a back-end with top class CCD or CMOS camera and a dedicated computer workstation, all housed in an individual dome or ROR observatory.

This systems are available on site and through remote access.

SYSTEMDescription - CharacteristicsPrice per night

DV2. Ritchey Chrétien 14.5" f/9 - RCOS

DV3. Ritchey Chrétien 20″ f/9 500RC - TEC240

DV4. Riccardi Honders 305 mm f/3.8 - AP180
DV5. Refractor 200mm f/8 APO FL - TEC200