Legendary Telescopes

Bring only your favorite CCD or CMOs camera and take advantage of the best optics.

Daniel Verschatse Observatory offers eight legendary telescopes that can be combined with your own CCD or CMOs camera.

The refractors models are mounted and aligned on a Mach-1 GTO computerized telescope mount on top of a Eagle 6 transportable pier from Astro-Physics. The Maskutov models are mounted on an Alt-5 telescope mount on top of a fixed pier.

To use these telescopes it is necessary advance notice of at least 15 days. Once your order has been received we will confirm you within 48 h that we have the necessary adapters for the chosen combination and that it is possible to carry out the assembly.

TELESCOPEDescription Price per night
105mm f/6 Traveler - Astro-Physics Refractor 90
110mm f/5.6 FL "Eclipse" - TEC Refractor 90
130 mm f/6.3 EDF Starfire APO GT - Astro-Physics Refractor 115
130 mm f/8 EDF Starfire APO - Astro-Physics Refractor 115
155 mm f/7 EDF Starfire APO - Astro-Physics Refractor 130
175 mm f/8.3 Refractor EDF - Astro-Physics 150
Maskutov-Cassagain 6" f/12 - TEC 130
Maskutov-Newtonian 10" f/5.5 ALTER МН86 Intes Micro180