Hacienda los Andes Resort


Daniel Verschatse Observatory is located within Hacienda Los Andes, an exclusive outdoor lodge located in Chile’s IV Region – the Norte Chico – in the valley of the Hurtado River, away from the tourist routes and surrounded by pure wilderness and the beautiful Andes.

Hacienda los Andes offers nine comfortable rooms, a fine restaurant,  more than two miles of private trails with access to the river Río Hurtado and a charming palm garden.


The Hacienda and DVO are the perfect match for the ambitious astrophotographer exploring the pristine southern skies while enjoying the comfort of the hotel. Service and catering are tailored to the needs of the visiting astronomers: late breakfast, early dinner, snacks, hot coffee or tea at the observatory during the night.

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The estate, with its more than one thousand acres, invites to relax and rest. Our visitors can hike in pure wilderness, enjoy 4×4 Tours to the upper Andes and do Horseback Riding tours on Chilean criollos horses.