Advanced Astrophotography


Live your ultimate imaging experience under world class skies with our Premium Astrographs and Legendary Telescopes while enjoying the accommodation, food and ambiance of Hacienda los Andes outdoor lodge.


Obtain stunning pictures through remote imaging. Connect with some of our imaging systems, see its screen in real time and control it as if you were in front of it. Through video conference we will assist you at any time to facilitate the capture of your images.


Send us an SGP,  CCD-Commander or MaxPilote action file with the details of your target frames and we will capture the data for you. If your interest is primarily in image processing DVO collects quality data on request.


Increase your productivity as an astrophotographer. Place your own equipment permanently under virgin skies in southern hemisphere and operate comfortably from your home. DVO hosting services include a pier in a shared dome or ROR building, electricity, telemetry,  fast internet access, on site-support and security.