DV3. Ritchey Chrétien 20″ f/9 500RC – TEC

System characteristics

Our largest system offers excellent optics coupled to light gathering power. Its focal length of 4500 mm is ideally suited for remote deep-sky objects. Nevertheless, the field size of 28 x 28 arcminutes also allows for a pleasing composition of extended objects.  With a pixel scale of 0.41 arcsecs/pixel this system delivers very high resolution images under good seeing conditions.

Telescope Engineering Company (TEC)  –  Golden, CO  –  USA
503mm (20″) f/9  Ritchey-Chrétien with field flattener
German equatorial mount
Astro-Physics, Inc.  –  Rockford, IL  –  USA
Model:  AP1600GTO/AE
The encoder option eliminates the minimal native periodic error of this
state-of-the art mount. The pointing model generated by the APCC/APPM software guarantees precision slews and generates a position-dependent
tracking rate
OPTEC Pyxis-3 with ASCOM interface
FLI ATLAS large payload focuserGuiding
Astrodon MMOAG Off-Axis Guider with Starlight Express Lodestar camera
FLI Centerline with FLI LRGB filters and Astrodon II filters for Ha,
FLI Proline PL16803
16,7 Megapixel front-illuminated chip
Pixel size: 9 micron x 9 micron
Sensor size: 36,9 mm x 36,9 mm
Full Well:  100K
The workstation trolley is equipped with a reliable industry grade computer featuring a 22″ screen and backilluminated keyboard.
All control and image acquisition software is installed and preconfigured.
Mount control: Astro-Physics V2 ASCOM driver and APCC/APPM
Camera, Rotator, Database control: The SkyX. MaximDL also available.
Astrometry: TheSky X. Focuser: TheSky X – @Focus3