Astro Imaging Systems – Reservation for remote use: gathering raw data on request

Please follow the steps explained below to obtain your data in .fit format remotely:

1. Decide which of our systems you want to use.

2. Using either Maxpilote, Secuence Generator Pro, or CCD Commander, identify the astronomical object you intend to capture and define the details of the shots.

3. Once step 2 is completed, please generate the corresponding .tag, .sgf, or .act files with Maxpilote, SGP or CCD Commander.

4. Then complete the form below, selecting the .tag or .act file generated in step 2, and send it to Daniel Verschatse Observatory.

5. Once your order is received, within 48h we will verify the possibility of capturing the requested data and will contact you to confirm.

DV2. 14.5" f/9 Ritchey Chrétien - RCOS @ 0,38 USD/minuteDV3. 20″ f/9 500RC Ritchey Chrétien - TEC @ 0,5 USD/minuteDV4. 305 mm f/3.8 Riccardi Honders - Astro-Physics @ 0,38 USD/minuteDV5. 200mm f/8 APO FL Refractor TEC @ 0,42 USD/minute