DV2. Ritchey Chrétien 14.5″ f/9 – RCOS

System characteristics

An allround system with superb ion-milled optics and optimal temperature management. Its 3340mm focal length generates a generous 37 x 25 arcminutes field of view. The 16 megapixel sensor features full frame dimensions and offers a pixel scale of 0.46 arcsecs/pixel.

RC Optical Systems (RCOS) – Flagstaff, AZ – USA
14.5″ (368mm) f/9 ion-milled Ritchey-Chrétien with field flattener

German equatorial mount
Astro-Physics, Inc. – Rockford, IL – USA
Model: AP1200GTO
The pointing model generated by the APCC/APPM software guarantees precision slews and generates a position-dependent tracking rate.

RCOS, controlled by TCC and ASCOM

RCOS, controlled by TCC and ASCOM

Astrodon MOAG Off-Axis Guider with Starlight Express Lodestar camera

FLI Centerline with Astrodon II filters for RLGB, Ha, OIII and SII

FLI Proline PL16070
15,7 Megapixel interline chip
Pixel size: 7.4 micron x 7.4 micron
Sensor size: 36,0 mm x 23,9 mm
Full Well: 44K

The workstation trolley is equipped with a reliable industry grade computer featuring a 22″ screen and back-illuminated keyboard.
All control and image acquisition software is installed and pre-configured.
Mount: Astro-Physics V2 ASCOM driver and APCC/APPM
Camera control, Database: The SkyX. Astrometry: The SkyX. Rotator: RCOS TCC software. Focuser: RCOS TCC software and @Focus3 Fan resp. heater control for primary resp. secondary mirror: RCOS TCC software