Premium Astronomical imaging Systems

The Observatory offers four premium astronomical imaging systems, ranging from wide field to high resolution astrophotography.

Each of these systems consists of a high end imaging telescope, an Astro-Physics mount, a back-end with top class CCD or CMOS camera and a dedicated computer workstation, all housed in an individual dome or ROR observatory. This systems are available on site and through remote access.

SYSTEMDescription - CharacteristicsFoV

DV2. Ritchey Chrétien 14.5" f/9 - RCOS

DV3. Ritchey Chrétien 20″ f/9 500RC - TEC0.47x0.47º

DV4. Riccardi Honders 305 mm f/3.8 - Astro-Physics1.8x1.2º
DV5. Refractor 200mm f/8 APO FL - TEC0.4x0.3º