On the foothills of the Great Magellanic Cloud

NGC 1702, NGC 1698, NGC 1704, NGC 1711, ….
Nov 21st to Nov 25th  2017
Observatorio Daniel Verschatse
La Hacienda
Valle del Río Hurtado
LRGB: 18 sub-frames for each filter @ 360 s
Ha OIII: 12 sub-frames for each filter @ 1,200 s
Dark, SkyFlats, Bias.
Telescope T305 mm Riccardi-Honders Astrograph
Camera FLI Proline PL29050
Mount Ecuatorial Astro Physics AP 1200 GTO

Guiding system Astrodon MMOAG Off-Axis Refractor
Guiding camera Starlight Express Lodestar
Software MaxIm DL (Cyanogen)

Pre and post process in PixInsight