DV5. TEC 200 APO-FL Refractor

System Characteristics

The TEC APO 200 FL is the observatorie’s system dedicated to planetary astrophotography

Here, the legendary sharp TEC optics team up with a considerable 1600mm focal length. Together with a CMOS QHY163M/C camera, that has a 16 mega pixels CMOS sensor with pixel size of 3,8 um, the TEC 200 delivers a field of view of 38×29 arcminutes and a powerful resolution for planetary imaging: a pixel scale of 0.49 arcsecs/pixel.

    • Telescope Engineering Company. Golden CO, 80401. USA
    • TEC APO200 Fluorite f/8
    • Aperture 200 mm
    • Focal length 1.600 mm
German equatorial mount
    • Astro-Physics, Inc. – Rockford, IL – USA
  • Model: AP1200GTO
    • QHY163M/C
    • CMOS Sensor: 4/3inch 16mega pixel CMOS Sensor
    • Effective Pixels:4656 x 3522 pixels
    • Pixel Size: 3.8um x 3.8um
    • Effective Area: 17.7mm x 13.4mm
    • Full Well Capacity: 18-20ke Typical
    • Shutter: Electronic Rolling Shutter
    • Frame Rate (on 8bit) 22.5FPS@16MP, 30FPS@4K HD Video
    • 57FPS@1920*1080, 60FPS@1280*1024
    • 80FPS@1024*76 8, 100fps@800*600
    • Exposure Time: 50 us – 1800 sec
    • Cooling system: 2-stage TEC, -40 ºC below ambient T
    • Computer Interface: USB 3.0 Super Speed
    • Telescope Interface: M42/0.75 & 2-inch adapter. Optional C-mount
    • AdapterOptical range: IR+AR(Color)
  • Robofocus system
Optional accessories
  • Barlow 4X or 2X Tele Vue Power Mate
  • Piggyback Baader Variofinder with QHY5L-II camera
    • A workstation trolley equipped with a reliable industry grade computer featuring a 22″ screen and back-illuminated keyboard.
    • All control and image acquisition software is installed and preconfigured.
    • Mount: Astro-Physics V2 ASCOM driver and APCC/APPM
    • Control of Cameras, Skychart, Astometry, Database : The SkyX – Cartes du Ciel