Astro Tours

Dive into a marvelous world of galaxies, stars, nebulae and planets with the help of our Spanish and English speaking guides!


Our Astro Tours are aimed at small groups of no more than five or six people and consist of two different parts.

In the first part, which lasts approximately 30 m, on one of the observation platforms and under the starry sky of the observatory, a small narrative of the following topics is made:

* Presentation of Daniel Verschatse Observatory
* The Celestial Sphere
* Stars and constellations
* The Milky Way
* The solar system

In the second part of the program, with an approximate duration of 60 m, we use one of our telescopes for visual observation and make a complete tour on the visible hemisphere “visiting” at least a dozen of the most attractive objects that are observable during the night .

The price per person for our tours is 18,000 CLP.