Advanced Astrophotography

Daniel Verschatse Observatory (DVO) offers advanced astrophotography equipment and services under the privileged night skies of Northern Chile. Our observatory is located within Hacienda los Andes,  in Rio Hurtado, next door to the professionals at Cerro Tololo, Gemini South, SOAR and LSST.


Our premium imaging systems for wide field to high resolution astrophotography are oriented to the dedicated astrophotographer who wants to live his personal ultimate imaging experience under Southern Hemisphere world class skies, while enjoying the accommodation, food and ambiance of the Hacienda los Andes outdoor lodge.


For those who do not have the time or the opportunity to come to Chile our systems are accessible remotely from anywhere in the world. You can connect with any of our imaging systems, see its screen in real time and control it as if you were in front of it.
Through video conference we will assist you at all times to facilitate the capture of your images.


If your interest is in image processing DVO staff collects data on request. You choose the instrument, the object coordinates, the filters and the length and number of exposures. You even can send a MaxPilote, SGP, or CCD-Commander Action-file with the sequence, the framing and rotation angle.

Perhaps the desired frames are already in stock in our image data base. A list will be available shortly online.


Hosting is offered for individuals or groups who want to put their own instruments on the site of DVO. This includes a pier in a common roll off roof building, electricity, weather data, internet access, on site-support and security.